Combine Form and Function Through Hardscaping

Combine Form and Function Through Hardscaping

Make use of retaining walls in Dartmouth, MA

When you think of hardscaping, you might imagine spacious patios and garden pathways. You might forget about retaining walls. These hardscape features add an elegant look to any space while providing multiple benefits. If you need a retaining wall installation in Dartmouth, MA, you can depend on John Moniz Landscape, Inc. We have over 30 years of experience and can complete your project with care and efficiency.

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What are the benefits of retaining walls?

A retaining wall won't just add beauty to your garden, it also keeps it in place. These walls protect against soil erosion and shield your gardens from harsh weather. While we specialize in adding retaining walls to gardens, we can also add a wall to your patio. These walls are often added for aesthetic reasons. They can separate different parts of your yard and make an entire space look more organized.

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